Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check Out More HCG Testimonials

Since there’s been a lot of controversy lately regarding this diet I have decided to do some thorough research online and dig up some real information in the form of HCG Testimonials and put them all together in this article. The general consensus about this weight loss solution is that it works and reading some quotes from HCG users will remove any doubts about this and will also clue you in on what to expect from it.

The first place I went to look for testimonials was the official Facebook page of the product and I strongly recommend anyone doing the same since the content there is constantly refreshed. Here is what Dawn Owen had to say about this product:

"Down 20 lbs. 32 total (I gained a few during P3). I have to say this round is a bit harder. The appetite suppressant part isn't as good as it was the first time. I still feel great though."

As you can see,  it works for Dawn Owen and if you take some time to browse the Facebook page you will find many more success stories. Here are some of them:

"I also lost 30 lbs in a month & have kept it off for 8 months it's changed my whole eating habits. Sometimes I catch myself snacking so I think I might need one of the other products you have" Renee Leeberg Weeks.

"When I started HCG I was weighing in a 165, I’m off HCG now and weight 127 pounds, and haven’t gained it back yet. Been off for 2 months now.!!" Lexy Loken

"I lost 50 over a year ago and my husband lost 60... We have kept it off as well." Erika Young.

Check Out More HCG Testimonials Here

The Facebook page isn’t only a good place to find user feedback and conversations but also to find out more about the product and how you should use it if you have already purchased it. Here is a good example of what you can inquire:

"Hello, I just finish phase 2 and I’ m not really happy with my weight, I wanna lose 3 more kg. Can I continue phase 2 with drops for 3 more days for example? And then 3 days without drops with same diet, and after start phase 3 slowly adding other products? Thank you!" Zannet Bogdanceva.

Another place where I’ve searched for HCG Testimonials was the Amazon Client Discussion Boards. Here is what I found:

"I too lost a bunch of weight on this diet, I could NEVER have done that without HCG. I have tried many times to lose on a low cal diet with no success." Nick Christom

"However, they give you guidelines on things to eat and things not to eat after the maintenance portion is complete. I have kept the weight off for over 2 years. It works if you actually use common sense and eat only healthy foods for the most part. I avoid anything with white flour and all processed foods." Lynn Domer.